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Compare Car Insurance You Need to Know

Compare Car Insurance You Need to Know- Comparison of car insurance is very important so that the benefits can be maximized. Whether buying a new car or a used car, making comparisons of compulsory car insurance!
Compare Car Insurance You Need to Know

With heavy city traffic and a high rate of accidents while driving, has it encouraged you to think about the need to have protection? In addition to the soul, your vehicle also needs to be protected by having car insurance. Unfortunately, not many understand the importance of having car insurance. Even though the car you have is a new car or a used car, you should still provide protection by having car insurance. For this reason, it is very important to know about the compare car insurance.
Some consumers who have just bought a car are often lazy to register their car with the insurance company. Though car insurance itself is very safe and will protect your car from interference or threats while driving. If you have car insurance then driving will feel safer and more comfortable without fear of things that are not desirable. Because car insurance guarantees protection for your car when something bad happens to the car.
Car insurance is insurance for owners of private cars or public cars, to protect their cars from dangerous threats such as damage, accidents, and car theft. In addition, car insurance is usually also legally responsible for third parties or passengers, natural disasters, and riots.
Type of Car Insurance
As a car owner, you can do a comparison of car insurance from two types of car protection offered by insurance companies, namely:
All Risk Car Insurance
This type of car insurance is referred to as comprehensive or overall. This means that insurance will pay claims for all types of damage. Starting from light damage, weight, to losing the vehicle.
Insurance Total Lost Only
Type of vehicle insurance coverage that guarantees loss if the vehicle has an accident with damage above 75% such as a vehicle caught on fire, lost due to being stolen and forcibly seized.
Comparison of Used Car and New Car Insurance
When buying a new or used car, you must have thought about how to care and protect it. Having car insurance is one way to protect cars from high damage costs. These costs will be borne by insurance. So whether it's a new or used car, you should have car insurance.
Usually used car insurance premiums are more expensive when compare car insurance. This is because of the age of older cars that require more repair costs or risk losing. Because usually used cars are more often targeted by thieves because they are easily sold.